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Beyond the CityKauai

You can cover a lot of ground with various adventure outfitters on the island. Whether following guides over the treetops on a zipline, out to the ocean in a kayak or into a jungle pool on a swim, there’s something for everyone. Kaua‘i also has an old hand at ZIPLINES . OUTFITTERS KAUA‘I ’s newest ride, ADRENALINE KAUA‘I ZIPLINE COURSE , is 1,800 feet long. Harnessed to its tandem line, zipliners soar past a mountain and over treetops for more than a quarter-mile—all in a fast-paced 90 seconds! Then it’s on to a WATERZIP over a mountain stream to a natural swimming pool. Find more offerings at OUTFITTERS KAUA‘I 808-742-9667 101 things to do | ka u a‘i 36

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