Jump Out of a Plane

KauaiUp in The Air

The view from the Cessna 182 is all gorgeous coastline, shimmering canyons and beckoning blue sea. On any other day, it would be a relaxing ride, but today, your heart is pumping, your hands sweating, and you can practically smell the adrenaline. That’s normal — you’re about to JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE. From the minute you shoot out the door, you’ll be attached to your new best friend, a skydiving instructor whose mission is to see that you have the experience of a lifetime without getting hurt. UP IN THE AIR

your instructor will step into mid- air and go into free fall from 10,000 feet above sea level, moving at a heart-pounding 120 miles per hour. When the parachute that you’re both attached to opens, you’ll find yourself floating over some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. A few minutes later, the instructor will have you safely on the ground.

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