Pedal the Coconut Coast

Beyond the CityKauai

The coastal view from the east side of the island has always been compelling, but due to lack of easy access and a developed beach park, COCONUT COAST has long played second fiddle to the more popularized South Shore and North Shore destinations.

That perception is changing PHO TO: HA W AI‘I T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A)/T OR JOHNS ON

million BIKE AND WALKING PATH that follows the contours of the scenic coast. The over 4-MILE KAPA‘A SEGMENT of the coastal path begins at LIHI PARK on the south side of Kapa‘a and continues past KEĀLIA BEACH to ‘ĀHIHI POINT , just past Donkey Beach. A 2.3-mile segment in LYDGATE PARK also is in use.

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