Latch Onto an Outrigger CanoeBig Island

Designated the state’s official team sport, OUTRIGGER CANOE RACING draws hundreds of paddlers to clubs throughout the islands. However, it is more than a popular activity—it’s a culturally significant link to the legendary seafaring traditions of Hawai‘i.

Hawai‘i’s first settlers arrived aboard DOUBLE-HULLED SAILING CANOES that they paddled across 2,000 miles of uncharted ocean using only the stars and flight patterns of birds to guide them. They found the islands more than 1,000 years before European explorers arrived in 1778.

Typically, canoes were used for interisland travel, fishing and sport, to transport warriors into battle and for exploratory voyages. Today, they’re primarily used for fun.

A modern-day outrigger is powered by six paddlers in a 45-foot fiberglass, singleor double-hulled canoe, which features the ama—a pontoon attached to one side of the hull to provide added stability. Many hotels offer LESSONS, or seek out a company to experience this thrilling ride.

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