Laze at Hanalei BayKaua‘i

HANALEI BAY is the largest bay on the NORTH SHORE, backed by steep cliffs and fronted by a 2-mile curve of white sand beach, an inviting stretch of water and a view of Makana Mountain, also known as BALI HAI.

During the summer, the calm waters are ideal for stand-up paddling and swimming. Depending on the section of bay you choose and the water conditions, you also can get in a good bodyboarding session or learn to surf.

Several surf shops located nearby in Hanalei are willing to teach beginning surfers the ropes on the small summer waves. However, don’t expect to make use of your snorkel; since the bay is purely a sandy bottom with no reef, fish don’t really hang out here.

For a good view and fishing, no matter the season, head to HANALEI PIER.

In the winter, expect different waters completely—it’s a magnet for skilled surfers looking for the best waves during these months.