Learn From a LocalMaui

Located 30 minutes from Hana, KIPAHULU is an ISOLATED COMMUNITY predominately populated by NATIVE HAWAIIANS who continue to share the traditions of their forefathers.

To hear their stories, take a HIKE through the Kipahulu area of HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK. Native Hawaiian guides will tell tales of old Hawai‘i and stop at treasured CULTURAL SITES like Kapahu Living Farm, where traditional TARO PATCHES have been restored to active production.

The hike is operated by KIPAHULU ‘OHANA, a nonprofit organization that helps sustain the community’s lifestyle and provides work opportunities for residents.

Most Kipahulu families’ genealogies extend back hundreds of years. Guides will share that history in the most authentic of ways—with personal knowledge.

In cooperation with the National Park Service, Kipahulu ‘Ohana created a program to demonstrate how traditional Hawaiians once lived on the ‘aina (land) and how they have adapted and evolved on it today.

The hike includes feature like:

1. ANCIENT HABITATION AREAS where stone walls and house sites are visible.

2. ‘OHE‘O BRIDGE, with a scenic view of the famous POOLS OF ‘OHE‘O.

3. Historic KANALULU HOUSE, built in the 1920s and restored in 2002.

4. Scenic overlook to the stunning 180-foot MAKAHIKU FALLS.

5. Remnants from the sugar cane industry.

6. KAPAHU LIVING FARM, an ancient taro farm restored to active production.

7. Sampling of TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN FOODS grown at the farm.

8. ETHNOBOTANICAL SHARING about the plants seen along the route, including native (endemic) Hawaiian plants, “canoe plants” (Polynesian introduced) that are of special importance to Hawaiian culture and exotic invasive plants.

For reservations, email tours@kipahulu.org, or call (808) 248-8558. Visit kipahulu.org for details.