Make a Jewel of a FindMaui

The Hawaiian Islands have a tradition and mana (spiritual power) of their own, which visitors get a taste of while watching hula performances, sightseeing on tropical tours and savoring local dishes. LOCALLY INSPIRED AND CRAFTED JEWELRY offers a permanent way to transport that experience back home.

You may have heard of or even seen many kama‘aina (locals) sporting a piece of HAWAIIAN HEIRLOOM JEWELRY. This style of jewelry, typically made of yellow gold featuring scrollwork and Old English lettering, harkens back to the days of the HAWAIIAN MONARCHY. Today, pieces— bracelets, pendants and rings— are given to ladies at milestones such as birthdays or graduations.

Another form of island jewelry highlights shells. These may be a bangle strung through a shell the crafter found on the beach or a pair of earrings or an eye-catching necklace. Most coveted amongst these styles are those made of the rare NI‘IHAU SHELL (some necklaces sell for thousands of dollars) or pieces that include SUNRISE SHElls.

Other popular jewelry styles include use of TAHITIAN PEARLS AND MOTHER OF PEARL, as well as depictions of sea life (whales, turtles, dolphins).

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