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Beyond the CityMaui

Beginning 1,600 feet upslope from Maui’s beaches, a unique province PHO TO: HA W AI‘I T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A) / JOHN HOOK ; L OCA TION: K ANAHA ¯ BEA CH P ARK DISCOVER YOUR FAVORITE BEACH 35 B EY OND T HE

UPCOUNTRY , a scattering of picturesque communities blessed by fresh mountain air, cool afternoon mists, sprawling RANCH LAND, delightful BOUTIQUE FARMS — even LAVENDER FIELDS.

Tucked neatly into the slopes of sprawling HALEAKALĀ, these communities have developed a distinct character of their own. An eclectic mix of historic and contemporary infl uences, it’s where the traditional

(Hawaiian cowboy) still rides and a community of ARTISTS AND SPIRITUAL HEALERS holds court. Upcountry is a short drive from the coastal resorts and communities of lower Maui. Take Haleakalā Highway (Highway 37), and keep an eye peeled for towns like PUKALANI, MAKAWAO, KULA, KĒŌKEA, HĀLI‘IMAILE and ‘ULUPALAKUA.

Makawao is a former paniolo town where ranch hands would come to pick up dry goods or a bite to eat before heading home after a long day. Today, whispers of the town’s paniolo past are still evident — hitching posts appear along Baldwin Avenue, and the annual Fourth of July parade and rodeo draw crowds from across the state. Eclectic boutiques fi lled with LOCAL ART, HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY, DESIGNER CLOTHING and more line the streets. In the rural areas, boutique farmers are making an appearance. Our suggestions include Maui-grown wine and lavender. Up the mountain on ‘ULUPALAKUA RANCH, MAUIWINE ( grows grapes for its red, white and sparkling pineapple and grape wines, and ALI‘I KULA LAVENDER FARM ( in Kula, harvests lavender year-round , thanks to Maui’s warm, tropical climate.