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A Little Bit of HistoryMaui

Throughout the islands, there are countless sites that are not only beautiful, but also off er a deeper history, if you just dig a bit. Take, for example, WAI‘ĀNAPANAPA — a beautiful state park just outside of HĀNA . Its name means “glistening waters” in Hawaiian, and this spot features a NATURAL STONE ARCH, A BLOWHOLE AND HIKING along two sections of the old King’s Highway. A FRESHWATER POOL located in a cave within the park is the subject of A TRAGIC HAWAIIAN LEGEND, the place where beautiful princess Popo‘alaea fl ed to hide from her cruel husband. While searching for her, his men saw her refl ection in the pool. Popo‘alaea’s husband dove into the pool, entered the cave and killed the princess. To this day, the pool’s water is said to turn red on the anniversary of her death.

Permits are required for camping in Wai‘ānapanapa; tent camping is not allowed, however cabins are available. For more information call 808-984- 8109, or visit gowaianapanapa.com.

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