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It may seem strange, but alohawear is more than that crazy fl oral-patterned shirt your uncle loves to wear to cookouts. Here in Hawai‘i, you’ll fi nd a wide range of pieces that fall into the alohawear category, or what some people may call HAWAIIAN SHIRTS . There’s also something stylish for wāhine (women). In place of the stereotypical MU‘UMU‘U , kama‘āina ladies may wear a dress with a more modern silhouette that features an aloha or Hawaiian print.

HILO HATTIE is Hawai‘i’s largest retailer and manufacturer of Hawaiian aloha apparel, and made-in-Hawai‘i gifts and souvenir accessories. Hilo Hattie fi rst opened its doors in 1963 with a shop located on the island of Kaua‘i. Over the years, Hilo Hattie has grown and expanded its reach.

The department store produces its own gourmet food items — candies, jams and jellies, cookies, syrups and dressings — as well. Hilo Hattie can be found in The Outlets of Maui.

MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION is another destination for made-on- Maui goodness. Its country store is jam-packed with island-crafted souvenirs, Maui-grown goods, coff ee, jewelry, crystals and more — ideal for your loved ones back home! HILO HATTIE 808-667-7911 THE OUTLETS OF MAUI 808-661-8277 KI¯HEI KALAMA VILLAGE 808-879-6610 MAUI’S FINEST CRAFT FAIR 808-268-9822 MAUI MALL 808-877-8952 MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION 808-244-7643

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