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It may seem strange, but alohawear is more than that crazy fl oral-patterned shirt your uncle loves to wear to cookouts. Here in Hawai‘i, you’ll fi nd a wide range of pieces that fall into the alohawear category, or what some people may call HAWAIIAN SHIRTS . There are those shirts, yes, but there are also other shirts that are actually worn and accepted as business attire. These typically are a little more tailored-looking and come in muted prints called “reverse print” aloha shirts.

There’s also something stylish for

(women). In place of the stereotypical MU‘UMU‘U ,

ladies may wear a dress with a more modern silhouette that features an aloha or Hawaiian print.

HILO HATTIE is Hawai‘i’s largest retailer and manufacturer of Hawaiian aloha apparel, and made-in-Hawai‘i gifts and souvenir accessories. Hilo Hattie fi rst opened its doors in 1963 with a shop located on the island of Kaua‘i. Over the years, Hilo Hattie has grown and expanded its reach.

The department store produces its own gourmet food items — candies, jams and jellies, cookies, syrups and dressings — as well. Hilo Hattie can be found in The Outlets of Maui.

MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION is another destination for made-on-Maui goodness. Its country store is jam- packed with island-crafted souvenirs, Maui-grown goods, coff ee, jewelry, crystals and more — ideal for your loved ones back home!

When you’re heading out to Pā‘ia, be sure to stop at SWAP MEET AT PĀ‘IA BAY (, where you’ll fi nd an array of off erings from Maui artists, crafters and food 23 LA N D

showcase select Maui specialties in one location, making it convenient for customers to fi nd the ideal souvenirs to commemorate their Maui vacation. (See “INDULGE IN RETAIL THERAPY” on pg. 22 for more shopping suggestions.) HILO HATTIE 808-667-7911 THE OUTLETS OF MAUI 808-661-8277 KI¯HEI KALAMA VILLAGE 808-879-6610 MAUI’S FINEST CRAFT FAIR 808-268-9822 MAUI MALL 808-877-8952 MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION 808-244-7643 SWAP MEET AT PA¯‘IA BAY 808-446-5730

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