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Hawaiian legends describe LĀNA‘I as a burning-red island inhabited by bands of cannibalistic, howling demons. Today’s version bears no resemblance. Instead, this sparsely populated visitor destination, with about 3,100 residents, is a LUXURIOUS SANCTUARY developed to satisfy a visitor’s every whim. There are no traffic lights and few distractions save for those fashioned by nature.

Lāna‘i is a PRIVATELY OWNED RESORT DESTINATION known for its luxurious accommodations and seclusion. For generations, pineapple plantations were the dominant source of income on the island. (In fact, Lāna‘i is known as “THE PINEAPPLE ISLAND,” and holds an ANNUAL FESTIVAL devoted to the syrupy-sweet fruit each July.)

In the ’80s, entrepreneur David Murdock purchased the island and converted the pineapple fields to exclusive resorts and golf courses. Today it is primarily owned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

The resorts — Four Seasons Resort Lānai and Four Seasons Hotel Lānai at Kō‘ele, a Sensei Retreat — are operated by FOUR SEASONS , and have received top ratings by Condé Nast Traveler readers.

Lāna‘i Airport is serviced by airlines, and FERRY TRANSPORTATION from Maui to Lāna‘i is available daily. Or, book a TOUR ON A CATAMARAN OR SAILBOAT.

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