Get Some Ink

OahuWaikiki Finds

Polynesians have been decorating their bodies with tattoos for hundreds of years. Traditionally, tattoos were considered not only an art form but also thought to guard a person’s health and spiritual well-being.

In Hawai‘i, tattoos are a common sight. From tribal patterns to hibiscus flowers, the tropical islands inspire ink found on tourists and locals alike. TATTOOLICIOUS, a tattoo hot spot in Waikiki located on the corner of Ala Wai Boulevard and McCully Street, is a good place to get a souvenir that lasts a lifetime.

If a lifelong commitment to ink isn’t your thing, there is still a way to get a temporary tattoo to mark your trip. HENNA, popularized in the United States in recent years by the likes of Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens, lasts up to three weeks and is kid-friendly. You’ll find numerous henna artists and regular tattoo parlors around Waikiki to choose from.