Go Underwater Without Getting Wet

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A vast Technicolor wonderland waits in the coral reefs below the surface of the Pacific. This is the kingdom of sea creatures, reefs and underwater gardens, a subterranean view available to snorkelers and divers who have no qualms about traveling underwater. However, if you don’t want to get wet, don’t sweat it. There are several ways to get your fidll, ranging from glass-bottom boat tours to submarine rides to dives using a helmet and wetsuit.

For starters, ATLANTIS ADVENTURES owns the world’s largest and most-experienced passenger submarine fleet, and will take you to depths of approximately 120 feet in the air-conditioned comfort of its 64-seat, 100-foot-plus submarine. There, you’ll explore the Atlantis reef, where two wrecked ships, two sunken airplanes and other reef structures are home to exotic marine life.

At BOB’S HAWAI‘I ADVENTURE , located at KOKO MARINA CENTER (kokomarinacenter.com), you can explore the waters of Maunalua Bay on a submarine scooter. So, you will get wet, but your hair will stay dry, thanks to the scooters’ high-tech breathing observation bubbles.

If you’d rather stay above water 41 S EA

search out glass-bottom boat tours. Tours are available from Kewalo Basin in Honolulu, Kāne‘ohe Bay and Ko ‘Olina Marina. KOKO MARINA CENTER 808-395-4737

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