Picnic Under Coconut TreesBig Island

Wander across a footbridge over HILO BAY, keeping your eyes peeled for sea turtles that often play underneath, and you’ll find yourself on a small, peaceful island frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Aptly named for the coconut trees scattered across it (heads up!), COCONUT ISLAND offers shallow pools with sandy bottoms perfect for children to play, grassy spots ideal for picnicking and a beautiful view of Hilo Bay set against a mountainous backdrop. The breeze that reaches the island and the shade of the palm trees makes for a nice retreat where you can SNACK, FISH AND PLAY.

Head to the east side of the island and you’ll even find an old STONE TOWER, remnants of a footbridge that was wiped out by the 1964 tsunami.

The footbridge to Coconut Island is just opposite the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel along Banyan Drive.