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Sales Strengths


ONE-STOP VACATION PLANNING – 101 Things To Do is committed to providing visitors with quality travel resources, compelling editorial and an even-handed picture of the Hawaiian Islands. 101 Things To Do’s print and online services create a one-stop shop for innovative and valuable vacation planning.

COMPELLING CONTENT – A primary reason for this magazine’s success is the in-depth content featured in its pages and on the Website. With this detailed information, readers can learn about and arrange to do or see at least 101 distinctive things on each island.

VALUE TO THE ADVERTISER – 101 Things To Do Magazine offers very competitive advertising rates. Premium online advertising can also be packaged with print advertising for even better results.

COMPREHENSIVE DISTRIBUTION – 101 Things To Do publishes over 1.9 million magazines per year, and that number is growing. Magazines are distributed free of charge in high traffic areas, including airports, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, key attractions, visitor centers, museums, art galleries, Chambers of Commerce, and top beach locations. 101 Things To Do also mails significant numbers of magazines from requests received through the 101 Things To Do Web site.

It is this magazine’s goal in 2009 to have the very best distribution in every Island market. If 101 Things To Do advertisers or even non-advertisers operate a heavily trafficked place of business, we request they consider putting a floor or table rack of 101 Things To Do magazines at this location. If interested, let us know the location’s address.

To see a complete list of magazine locations, go to the Magazine Distribution Section of this sales kit.



  • Audience
    • 206,000 total members
    • Over 171,000 have opted in to receive, by email, the site’s weekly Top Travel Deals and advertisers’ promotions
    • 80% of total page views generated on the site come from members exploring the site
    • E-marketing campaigns generated almost 287,000 click outs to advertisers in 2008
    • 65% are active adults between 25-54 years of age
    • Approximately 72% are female
    • Annual household income is between $50,000 and $70,000
  • Site Stats – 2008
    • 7,963,712 e-Marketing impressions
    • 1,876,600 page views
    • 416,826 visits
    • Click here for 2008 site stats
  • DATABASE MARKETING – The site has the ability to reach its members with clients’ advertising messages before those members arrive in Hawai‘i effectively providing booking services to an Internet-savvy pre-arrival market that is accustomed to booking vacations online. 101 Things To Do also has the ability to cross sell to other destinations. Site members are interested in traveling and eager to receive information about valuable offers in other destinations as well. Ask to have this opportunity added to your 101 Things To Do advertising package.

    SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – 101ThingsToDo.com has a marketing team that uses the latest technology and industry methods to get the site well-ranked in natural search results on all major search engines.

    EXTERNAL MARKETING – The Web site’s primary marketing emphasis is e-marketing. The site employs top online publishers to target specific demographics, promoting the value of 101ThingsToDo.com. Through this means the site will reach over 40 million consumers and will be responsible for growing 101 Things To Do’s membership base by 100,000 members in 2006. In addition to online marketing, 101 Things To Do also leverages Gannett’s considerable assets with reciprocal links from many of the company’s top newspaper sites nationwide, and uses print advertising in appropriate publications throughout the year.

    TRACKABLE RESULTS – 101 Things To Do employs a staff of knowledgeable sales professionals who can package an advertising campaign that will give you results in both the magazines and Web site. They will work with you to ensure your success and provide you with online sales reports every month detailing site impressions, click-throughs, yields and traffic statistics. They will continually help you position your message on the site for premium results and can help design and build your campaign materials. Your appointed sales manager is a partner to your success!

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