See ‘Ulalena—Again & AgainMaui

‘ULALENA is one of those rare theatrical productions that gets under your skin, calling you back— and back again.

The LAHAINA SHOW, which opened in 1999 at MAUI THEATER, is an ENCHANTING MUSICAL staged in a multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art theater built specifically to house the production. It is one of those few-and-far-between shows that pulls off the unimaginable— entertainment that appeals to audiences of all ages without losing its artistic integrity.

‘Ulalena draws its authenticity and BEWITCHING SPIRIT from the chants and hula that recount the tales of Hawai‘i’s mythical gods and goddesses, yet it reaches well beyond folklore for its compelling choreography, music and storyline.

What sets ‘Ulalena apart from other big-stage productions is its superb soundtrack. Canadians Michel Cusson and Luc Boivin composed the music with help from Hawaiian master slack-key guitarist Keola Beamer and his mother, historian/singer/composer Nona Beamer. ‘Ulalena’s brilliant drummers and musicians are as much a part of this show as the equally brilliant dancers and singers.

The performance and theater design promote a sense of intimacy and interaction with the audience. Hula is blended with Cirque du Soleil-tinged ACROBATIC FEATS and MODERN DANCE. Rich costumes, lighting and stage design are woven together into a filigree of images drawn from Hawaiian legend and history.

The $9.5 million theater, located at 878 Front St. in Lahaina, seats 680 people and features a ROTATING STAGE and MULTI-MEDIA PRESENTATION CAPABILITIES. Performances are staged at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Call (808) 856-7900 for reservations.

Old Lahaina Center, 878 Front St. (808) 856-7900