See Opaeka‘a FallsKaua‘i

Take a scenic (and surprisingly convenient!) pit stop two miles up Route 580 to see one of Kauai‘i’s most accessible major waterfalls. OPAEKA‘A FALLS is an east side wonder equipped with an advantageous parking lot for easy-access. Making memories here is a breeze!

Keep an eye out for signs in Wailua directing you to the roadside lookout on the right. Then, pull in to a stall to snap a quick photo.

No wading trough streams or climbing jungle terrain necessary. Walk uphill from the Opaeka‘a lookout, and you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the WAILUA RIVER VALLEY. Fast fact: Opaeka‘a means “rolling shrimp” in Hawaiian; these bite-size crustaceans used to populate the stream.