See Salt in PondsKaua‘i

SALT POND BEACH PARK is named for the traditional HAWAIIAN SEA SALT produced in flats near the beach. For generations, Hawaiian families have evaporated seawater in saltpans dug out of red soil to produce natural sea salt. The salt is bagged and used for cooking, as well as Hawaiian medicinal practices.

Only certain Hawaiian families who have practiced the art of salt making for generations are allowed to harvest salt at the ponds. You most likely will see these families working the ponds, and they are often happy to talk about the salt process, which starts with lining saltpans with thick black clay. When the clay dries, the pans are filled with ocean water. When the water evaporates, the salt is harvested.

With its gentle waves rolling in year-round, Salt Pond is a popular spot for family outings. Camping is available by county permit. To find the beach and saltpans, turn makai (toward the ocean) off Kaumuali‘i Highway at the west end of HANAPEPE and follow Lolokai Road toward the coast.