Soak in a Natural Hot TubBig Island

The Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele also deserves kudos for her pioneering work with THERMAL PONDS; long before anyone invented hot tubs, Hawai‘i Island was gurgling and steaming with naturally heated models fueled by WARM THERMAL SPRINGS.

These naturally heated hot tubs form when ground water moves through magmahot rocks on its way to the sea and then mixes with cold water.

KAPOHO TIDE POOLS are a series of interconnected thermal tide pools that sometimes extend up to 200 yards into the ocean. Nearby ISAAC HALE BEACH PARK, found on Poho‘iki Bay at the juncture of Poho‘iki Road and Kamu-Kapoho Road, also is the site of a series of hot springs.

‘AHANALUI POOL, in the beach park of the same name, is a spring-fed thermal pool where the water temperature tends to hover around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The pond, a mixture of hot water from thermal springs and ocean water, is crystal clear and generally safe enough for small children. The park has restrooms, showers and a picnic area, but there are no drinking water or camping facilities.