Spark Up The RomanceO‘ahu

Hawai‘i’s breathtaking beauty has made it a sought after honeymoon destination for lovebirds around the world.

There are numerous romantic spots around the island to sneak a HONI (Hawaiian for kiss) with your sweetheart: TANTALUS DRIVE, a winding, hilltop road in Honolulu with romantic views of the valley and Honolulu skyline; SUNSET BEACH on the North Shore; CHINA WALLS, near Portlock out east, at sundown; white-sand WAIMANALO BEACH; WAIKIKI’S FRIDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS; and the ultimate romantic destination, HALONA BLOWHOLE (also called, “Cockroach Cove”), where the steamy beach scene from the Academy Award-winning classic FROM HERE TO ETERNITY was filmed!

And according to USA Today’s Top 10, some of the most ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS (not surprisingly, many of them are

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seaside), include: MICHEL’S in Waikiki; ALAN WONG’S and CHEF MAVRO in Honolulu; and PLUMERIA BEACH HOUSE at The Kahala Hotel.

Many couples on a simple getaway get caught up in the spell of a romantic island moment that they decide to jump headfirst into matrimony. So much so, you and your loved one may decide to make your vacation a DESTINATION WEDDING. Or, maybe you’re already married. Why not experience a VOW RENEWAL? O‘ahu abounds with idyllic wedding settings, and there are many vow renewal, wedding and elopement packages around the island.

Please note: An online application and must be completed ($65 fee at prior to appointment. Call (808) 586-4544 for specifics.