Spend an Evening With the StarsKaua‘i

Kaua‘i is a good place to OBSERVE THE STARS. The night skies are particularly dark, with limited interference from high-voltage lights. In celebration of the rare, out-of-this-world view, stargazers assemble at sunset on the KAUMAKANI SOFTBALL FIELD once a month to take in the celestial show.

Kaumakani, a tiny plantation town on the west side of the island, is easy to miss without directions. It’s located on Kaumuali‘i Highway, heading west past HANAPEPE. To get to the stargazing site, watch for the THRIFTY MART BAKERY on the left, veer right at the sign for Kaumakani, and then take a right to the softball field.

The KAUA‘I EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION sponsors monthly stargazing events for science and astronomy. Call (808) 332-7827 or visit www.keasa.org for exact dates.