Spread Your Wings and FlyBig Island

If floating above the surface in a two-person flying machine sparks your imagination, take to the sky in a POWERED HANG GLIDER.

During your flight, you’ll learn the basics of weight-shift control, aerodynamics and safety, as well as a bit about weather and its effects on aviation.

Once you’ve reached a relaxed flying altitude, an interesting phenomenon sometimes takes hold. There’s a tendency to forget that a pilot is navigating your course, that an engine is powering the way and that you’re strapped into a two-seater flying machine, attached only to a wing. All that fades into a new feeling, one that resembles WINGLESS FLIGHT.

Anyone who’s seen Hawai‘i Island from above knows its magic. But if you want to get caught in its spell, take a lesson in a powered hang glider. Check out ISLAND ULTRALIGHT to learn more.