Step Back Into a Bygone EraKaua‘i

KAUA‘I MUSEUM is synonymous with the word “aloha” in every sense. One only needs to step inside to return to a world of Hawaiian culture and its rich history. Established in 1960, as the museum celebrates its 56TH ANNIVERSARY it is proud to continue its service as a welcoming space for people to actively gather and learn about the past.

View hundreds of artifacts from ancient times on Kaua‘i, spanning the missionary and plantation era to WWII memorabilia. Through “talk story,” live concerts, hula, Hawaiian craft-making demonstrations, cultural lectures and the study of precious artifacts, visitors instantly become enveloped in a celebration of the Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau indigenous ancestors.

With a vigilant eye toward continual development and preservation of outstanding collections reflecting the Hawaiian heritage, as well as a commitment to enlightening educational programs and access to rare archives for the purpose of research, the Kaua‘i Museum offers a well-respected and invaluable kaleidoscope into the world of “aloha.” It is a world like no other with endless opportunities to learn, evolve and savor what made Hawai‘i a treasured world long ago and today.

“HA‘AHEO O HAWAII,” its newest exhibit, opened in August of 2015, pays homage to Cleopatra’s Barge: a yacht constructed in 1816 in Massachusetts that later became the official royal yacht of King Kamehameha II, who christened it Ha‘aheo O Hawai‘i (Pride of Hawai‘i).

The Kaua‘i Museum is located in two adjacent buildings at 4428 Rice St. in downtown Lihu‘e. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Visit for details. There is a small admission fee.

KAUA‘I MUSEUM (808) 245-6931