Surround Yourself With BloomsKaua‘i

What better way to show your aloha spirit than with a FLOWER LEI? This GARLAND OF FLOWERS is given as a gift upon greeting guests and can be as simple as a daisy chain-like string of perfumed plumeria or as intricate as a multi-braided haku lei composed of flowers, berries and leaves. Either way, it’s an honor to receive one.

Lei of all sorts can be found around the necks of many kama‘aina (locals) during annual MAY DAY FESTIVALS (around May 1 annually, and known locally as “Lei Day.”) Lei displays and even competitions also are a part of the celebrations.

Other days of the year, one can find lei at lei stands, florists, farmers’ markets and even at island grocery stores.

Many hotels and resorts offer lei-making classes, sometimes for free. Ask your concierge if there’s a class nearby.