Take a BreatherMaui

As you approach the halfway-to-Hana point at mile marker 16, watch for a FRUIT AND REFRESHMENT STAND appropriately called “HALFWAY TO HANA” and check out the banana bread, which is baked by the proprietor and comes with a glowing reputation.

Another quick stop off the highway is the tiny village of NAHIKU, one of the wettest spots along the northern coast of East Maui and once the site of the Nahiku Rubber Company, a short-lived venture that went down the tubes in 1912. It seems the constantly wet weather made for poor conditions for crafting latex.

Today, Nahiku Market Place is best known for its COFFEE SHOP, Up in Smoke taco stand and gift gallery. Nahiku Market Place is located at mile marker 29 on Hana Highway; visit roadtohana.com for more information.