Take a Slow Stroll Through Pa‘ia TownMaui

There are places beyond the reach of a developer’s imagination. One such place is PA‘IA, a community brimming with small shops, inviting eateries and residents determined to maintain the town’s unique character.

Located just eight minutes from the Kahului Airport on HANA HIGHWAY, Pa‘ia (pronounced “pah-ee-ah”) was dominated by a SUGAR PLANTATION for more than a century. Even though the plantation closed in 2000, the retail shops and restaurants in the town’s T-shaped COMMERCIAL CENTER reflect the influences of the old plantation camp lifestyle.

Other influences adding character to the mix are SURFERS who came from all over the world to windsurf at nearby HO‘OKIPA BEACH. Today, the needs of health-conscious travelers and the hang-loose, fun-seeking image of the international surfing set are evident. Restaurants offer fresh fish and good, healthy food. Flyers advertise YOGA AND MASSAGE. Small boutiques boast hip, island-friendly fashion.

So while Pa‘ia is often thought of solely as the last stop on the road to Hana, it is more than a hiccup on the way—it’s a destination unto its own.