Walk With “The Descendants”Kaua‘i

THE DESCENDANTS, a 2011 film starring GEORGE CLOONEY and SHAILENE WOODLEY, was filmed on-location in Hawai‘i (O‘ahu and Kaua‘i) and features many cherished sites. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Kaui Hart Hemmings, a Hawai‘i resident. While exploring Kaua‘i, you, too, can walk in the film characters’ footsteps by visiting locations seen in the Oscar-nominated flick.

Reenact the scene where the King family stands on a hilltop, admiring their family’s breathtaking inheritance below. This picturesque property is, in reality, KIPU KAI RANCH: a 3,000-acre private cattle ranch on the South Shore owned by the Rice family (missionary descendants). Hollywood has used this property for many years— from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK to THE LOST WORLD (JURASSIC PARK sequel). You can take an ATV tour of the living movie set with KIPU RANCH ADVENTURES. Visit kiputours.com.

HANALEI BAY also served as an ideal filming location. If you would like to prolong your venture, book a night in COTTAGES BY HANALEI BAY. The cast stayed and filmed at two properties: NALU BEACH COTTAGE and Hemmings’ own KAUIKEOLANI ESTATE. Visit hanaleiland.com to reserve a room.

Featured on film for a lunch-time scene, TAHITI NUI RESTAURANT & TIKI BAR is a good place to stop for a nightcap and nice meal. A charming local hangout, opened in 1963, here you’ll find nightly music, good food and mai tais among other mixers. Visit thenui.com.

Make like Matt King (Clooney’s character) and jog on the beach by ST. REGIS PRINCEVILLE RESORT. The cast and crew retreated to this luxurious, 9,000-acre oasis after long days on set. Find more at stregisprinceville.com.

The open-air LIHUE AIRPORT was also featured in the film (when the Kings arrive in Kaua‘i and bump into one of their cousins). As Kaua‘i’s only major airport, it also appeared in HONEYMOON IN VEGAS and SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS.