Walk on Water Maui

You’ve no doubt seen STAND-UP PADDLE SURFING, or SUP—it looks like a hybrid of outrigger paddling and surfing, and everybody’s doing it. Requiring a lightweight paddle, an extra-wide, aerodynamic surfboard and just a bit of balance, this sport makes for a good workout, and plenty of fun.

The concept isn’t new—beach boy surfing, as it was first known, originated in Waikiki about 60 years ago as a way to get around on the occasional flat-water day. Today, the SUP trend has been revived in the islands, and some of Hawai‘i’s surfing greats have latched onto the sport, taking the idea to a new, more-rigorous level worldwide.

Once you get the hang of SUP, remember to watch where you’re going. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, fish and the occasional monk seal. EQUIPMENT AND LESSONS are available at outlets throughout Maui. Providers include PADDLE ON! MAUI (paddleonmaui.com), stand-up paddle boarding school (standuppaddlesurfschool.com) and MAUI STANDUP PADDLEBOARDING (mauistanduppaddleboarding.com). Ask your concierge for suggestions.

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