Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can you send me information about Hawai‘i?
A Our online store offers the very popular Hawai‘i visitor’s publication, 101 Things To Do Magazine. Order your copy of 101 Things To Do today.

Q How do I find information and pricing on packages to Hawai‘i?
A To see dozens of the best Hawai‘i packages and hotels available at this time, visit our Packages and Flights page today and book online for the best savings.

Q What is 101 Things To Do?
A 101 Things To Do is a collection of online magazines about things to do in Hawai‘i, travel planning and other helpful information. You may pick them up in Hawai‘i and the online versions are on the website.

Q What kinds of things to do?
A Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Dining, Shopping, Tours & Attractions

Q What kind of information related to travel planning?
A Accommodations, Transportation, Cruises, Flights, Travel Specials

Q How can I find information about businesses in Hawai‘i?
A See the links to advertisers to find all kinds of businesses and services, by location.

Q Is there information about hiking and trails?
A Please see our online magazine for fun information about hiking and trails. Please use the search function of the website to aid you.

Q What if I have more questions about visiting Hawai‘i?
A Browse and explore 101 Things To Do!