Essential MauiSee all 101 Things To Do on Maui!

Watch the Sunrise at Haleakala

Rising 10,023 feet above Maui’s coastal areas is the massive shield volcano HALEAKALA. This sleeping giant is enormously popular and easily accessible for visitors; in fact, it has become a ritual for those staying on the island to rise before dawn, and trek to the mountaintop in the chilly darkness to watch the sun make… Continue »

Lose Yourself in a Show

For a mesmerizing performance, head to KA‘ANAPALI BEACH HOTEL. Known for its emphasis on all things Hawaiian, the hotel is a perfect venue for KUPANAHA. KUPANAHA weaves Hawaiian history and myth with illusion and special effects. Veteran magician Jody Baran headlines the show with his wife, Kathleen (an accomplished dancer), in a performance that creates… Continue »

Explore Maui’s Eye-Popping Aquarium

Located at Ma‘alaea Harbor Village just off Honoapi‘ilani Highway between Kahului and Lahaina, the $20 million MAUI OCEAN CENTER is designed to draw visitors in through a series of more than 60 INDOOR-AND-OUTDOOR EXHIBITS that twist and wind their way through an impressive array of living coral reef. Aptly named “THE HAWAIIAN AQUARIUM,” this state-of-the-art… Continue »

Let Yourself Go on a Zipline

ZIPLINING, which gained popularity in the jungles of Costa Rica, is well-suited for Maui, where large tracts of wild, breathtaking terrain provide the perfect backdrop for zipliners to sail through the treetops, dip into valleys and generally do their best imitation of a James Bond getaway. SKYLINE ECO-ADVENTURES introduced the sport to the island more… Continue »

Play Under an Enormous Banyan Tree

There is a small park along Front Street in LAHAINA sheltered by anENORMOUS BANYAN TREE where quiet contemplation, impromptu picnics and the frequent outdoor art show are commonplace. One of the largest banyan trees in the United States, the Front Street tree was imported from India and planted in 1873 in COURTHOUSE SQUARE to commemorate… Continue »

See Seven Sacred Pools

Hawaiian legend has it that giant mo‘o (lizards) live in MOUNTAIN POOLS. Although swimming in the pools is OFF-LIMITS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, legend has it that, before going for a swim, swimmers are supposed to MAKE AN OFFERING to the resident mo‘o by dropping a flower or small tree branch into the water. Ask his… Continue »

Drive to Hana

Life is a journey, not a destination, and the same could be said of the ROAD TO HANA. With zigs and zags that travel across 56 ONE-LANE BRIDGES and snake around more than 617 HAIRPIN CURVES, this SCENIC DRIVE truly is a heart-pumping adventure that’ll leave you breathless with anticipation for what lays around the… Continue »

Gear Up for Undersea Exploration

SNORKELING is an inexpensive pastime that is easier to learn than surfing or scuba diving, and can be done either by booking a cruise or finding a good spot on a beach. If you go with the pros, like MAUI SNORKEL CHARTERS or SOUTH PACIFIC KAYAKS AND OUTFITTERS, expect gear, lunch and other amenities to… Continue »

Explore Molokini’s Waters

Set your gaze to the ocean horizon on Maui’s south shore, and there, about 3 miles off in the distance, you’ll spot the half-sunken cinder cone MOLOKINI, a world-class snorkel and dive location that can be reached only by boat. TOURS DEPART DAILY from Lahaina, Kihei and Ma‘alaea harbors for the short trip to this… Continue »

Get Excited For Whale Watching Season

From the late winter months through mid-May, those visiting Maui are in for a special treat: WHALE WATCHING season. There are many ways to see these magnificent ocean creatures during this time. Some popular choices include a submarine tour, a boating excursion, kayak rentals or even snorkeling (if you’re feeling adventurous). During the winter humpback… Continue »