Sea AdventuresSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Laze at Hanalei Bay

HANALEI BAY is the largest bay on the NORTH SHORE, backed by steep cliffs and fronted by a 2-mile curve of white sand beach, an inviting stretch of water and a view of Makana Mountain, also known as BALI HAI. During the summer, the calm waters are ideal for stand-up paddling and swimming. Depending on… Continue »

Take the Family to Lydgate Park

Located south of the Wailua River near KAPA‘A is an ideal place for a FAMILY OUTING. LYDGATE BEACH PARK consists of a wide sand beach that slopes into the ocean, where a pair of rock-rimmed pools—one perfect for young children and toddlers, the other good for swimming and snorkeling— beckon. The walled pools provide a… Continue »

Stroke Forward with Sea Kayaking

Up for a righteous adventure? Try a GUIDED SEA KAYAK TRIP along the rugged southern shoreline of Kaua‘i. Led by OUTFITTERS KAUAI guides, the tour takes you to deserted beaches where you’ll explore, snorkel, body surf or simply bask in the sun. Fascinating sea life abounds: sea turtles, dolphins and even humpback whales (these giants… Continue »

Ride the Swells in an Ocean Raft

Riding the swells of the great Pacific tucked safely in a powered rigid-hull rubber raft is a great way to get an up-close view of dancing dolphins or the towering cliffs and deep-green valleys of the NAPALI COAST. Zodiac inflatable rafts are small, durable and look like lifeboats. These sturdy inflatables can be used to… Continue »

Sail to Ni‘ihau

Seventeen miles off the west coast of Kaua‘i is the privately owned and mostly off-limits-to-outsiders island of NI‘IHAU. Just short of 70 square miles long, Ni‘ihau is the smallest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands, with a population of NATIVE HAWAIIAN SPEAKERS that hovers around 160 people. Sail along its secluded coast and dive its waters… Continue »

Spot a Monk Seal

HAWAIIAN MONK SEALS found the Hawaiian Islands 13 to 15 million years ago, well before human contact. Now, their numbers hover around 1,000, and fewer than one in five pups lives to adulthood. Outside the islands, their plight is largely unknown, but in Hawai‘i, scores of volunteers work to protect them. ON THE BRINK OF… Continue »

Get High on Kiteboarding

From the technological advances of windsurfing, paragliding and wakeboarding comes a hot-new watersport called KITEBOARDING. This is an extreme sport that takes wind, guts, the right equipment and a lot of practice. Here’s how it works: The kiteboarder is strapped to a board that looks like a small surfboard or wakeboard and is pulled across… Continue »

Paddle an Outrigger Canoe

On the islands, outrigger canoe paddling is more than an enormously popular sport—it’s a culturally significant link to the extraordinary seafaring traditions of Hawai‘i’s first people, who came to the islands aboard double-hulled sailing canoes that they paddled across some 2,000 miles of uncharted ocean using only the stars and flight patterns of birds to… Continue »

Hook a Whopper

BIG-GAME FISH call Hawai‘i home, so the chances of hooking a whopper on a FISHING CHARTER out on Kaua‘i waters are good. But even if you don’t snag one of the big guys on your chartered trip, expect to dine on fresh-caught fish at the end of the day. If you’re a novice, don’t worry—some… Continue »

Water-ski a Fresh-Water River

Take a break from the salt water and try WATER-SKIING IN WAILUA RIVER. This river, which is approximately a quarter-mile wide near its mouth, is a great setting for powerboat sports. Usually smooth and warm, the river draws pros from around the world to rip up its glassy face on skis and wakeboards. However, you… Continue »