Sea & Air AdventuresSee all 101 Things To Do on Maui!

Catch a Wave

Legends about SURFING are found in the earliest stories of ancient Hawai‘i. In about A.D. 400, a form of belly boarding on small wooden planks was introduced to the islands. Later, Tahitian explorers brought their tradition of riding waves with canoes. The ingenious Hawaiians merged the two techniques to create the sport of surfing. Today,… Continue »

Sail the Ocean Blue

Maui is one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. Whatever your SAILING preference, you’ll find it here. Single-hull, double-hulled and tri-hulled YACHTS AND CATAMARANS of all sizes offer great sailing adventures. SAILBOATS leave daily from MA‘ALAEA HARBOR in South Maui, LAHAINA HARBOR in West Maui and from the beach at KA‘ANAPALI, carrying anywhere from six… Continue »

Get a Window Seat on a Submarine

ATLANTIS SUBMARINES offers travelers a unique undersea adventure tour available nowhere else on Maui: one that is fun, eco-friendly, educational, safe and offers travelers a close-up view of the island’s beautiful marine world and diverse fish population—all without ever getting wet! Operating state-of-the-art, technologically advanced passenger submarines, Atlantis takes guests to depths of more than… Continue »

Get the Best of Both (Undersea) Worlds

Snorkeling is great, you say to yourself as you float lazily in the water as schools of fish come up to greet you. But what if a person could move further below the surface to get a better view? Thankfully, somebody invented SNUBA DIVING. Snuba is a SHALLOW-WATER DIVE SYSTEM that bridges the gap between… Continue »

Get High on Kiteboarding

From the technological advances of windsurfing, paragliding and wakeboarding comes a challenging water sport that some people call KITEBOARDING and others call KITESURFING. No matter what you call it, this is an extreme sport that takes wind, guts, the right equipment and a bit of trial and error. HOW IT WORKS: The kiteboarder stands on… Continue »

Surf the Wind

WINDSURFING, the inventive marriage of sailing and surfing, has found the perfect honeymoon spot on Maui. With its ideal combination of strong trade winds and consistent surf, the island is one of the world’s best windsurfing destinations. While here, you can visit the most-photographed windsurfing site on the planet, HO‘OKIPA BEACH PARK in Pa‘ia, where… Continue »

Dive Maui

At its greatest height, HALEAKALA towers 30,000 feet from its base on the floor of the Pacific to its summit 10,023 feet above sea level. That means about two-thirds of the great SLUMBERING VOLCANO is submerged beneath the sea, its rich store of secrets shared only with folks who find ways to travel below the… Continue »

Enter the World of Wild Dolphins

There’s something spellbinding about squinting into a Pacific morning sun and spying a POD OF WILD DOLPHINS spinning out of a sun-polished sea. Seemingly carefree, these marine mammals can appear out of the blue and put on a show just for you. SPINNER DOLPHINS, the most frequently observed species, are gregarious by nature. They were… Continue »

Paddle a Kayak

OCEAN KAYAKING is a great way to slip away from the crowds and get lost in the rhythm of the paddle and the irresistible tug of nature. If you need any more incentive, here it is—paddling is a good workout. Open-ocean paddling can be a strenuous challenge better left to the experienced, physically fit kayaker…. Continue »

Try Deep-Sea Fishing 

Hawai‘i’s corner of the vast Pacific Ocean is a hands-down winner when it comes to CATCHING TROPHY FISH like PACIFIC BLUE OR STRIPED MARLIN. No matter what you snag on a trip out to sea with a charter fishing company, expect to learn plenty about Hawaiian-style fishing. Jim Rizzuto, author of Modern Hawaiian Gamefishing, puts… Continue »