Essential KauaʻiSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Peruse Kilohana: The Last Plantation

Kaua‘i’s 120-year-old sugar industry may have hauled its final harvest to the mill, but what remains is a place where the vibrant spirit of the era survives. KILOHANA PLANTATION is a unique destination that recalls a time when “Big Sugar” dominated the island’s economy, culture and landscape. Today, it’s no longer a working plantation, nor… Continue »

Discover an Ancient Eco-Wonder

The MENEHUNE FISHPOND or is located along the Hule‘ia Stream about a half-mile inland from Nawiliwili Harbor. Said to have been BUILT 500 YEARS AGO by a crew of little people called menehune, the oval-shaped pond, as lore has it, surfaced after one night of hard labor. In more-recent Hawaiian history, the ancient construction was… Continue »

Stroll Kaua‘i’s Prized Botanical Gardens

Kaua‘i is nicknamed “THE GARDEN ISLE,” and for good reason. Kaua‘i is home to three BOTANICAL GARDENS belonging to the NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN (NTBG), a private, nonprofit organization and the only officially recognized tropical garden in the United States. This institute is dedicated to scientific research, conservation and education, working every day to protect… Continue »

Feast at a Lu‘au

Like Broadway shows, each LU‘AU has its own signature. Menus may be similar, but the shows, performers, music and costumes are deliberately designed to be unique from one another. The popular and long-running show at SMITH’S TROPICAL PARADISE is staged in a torch-lit amphitheater on the banks of the WAILUA RIVER. It features music and… Continue »

Scale Waimea Canyon

Often called the “GRAND CANYON OF THE PACIFIC,” Waimea Canyon is a geological wonder located along Highway 550 en route to KOKE‘E STATE PARK. Approximately 10 miles long and 3,000 feet deep, the canyon is only a fraction of the size of its Arizona namesake, but its location—carved into the lush landscape of a tropical… Continue »

Get Carried Away in a Helicopter

Although available on all of the major Hawaiian Islands, helicopter tours are most popular on Kaua‘i, where the ageless beauty of the island’s rugged interior comes into full perspective. Expect to see waterfalls cascading down 3,000- foot cliffs and unique geographic and mythical sites described to you through noise-canceling headphones connected to your pilot’s microphone…. Continue »

See a Vintage Lighthouse

KILAUEA POINT NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE is a regular stop on the flight path of the largest colony of seabirds on the main Hawaiian Islands. Every day, hundreds of birds come and go from the nooks and crannies of the refuge’s cliffs and hillsides. Though eight species of birds nest on the refuge, the main attraction… Continue »

Explore Landmark Caves

There are three LANDMARK CAVES along the coastal drive to KE‘E BEACH that are worth a stop. One of these caves, which cuts several hundred yards into the base of a vertical cliff across from the beach in HA‘ENA STATE PARK, is rich in legend and easy to explore. The MANINIHOLO DRY CAVE is named… Continue »

Trek Along the Na Pali Coast

The majestic NAPALI COAST on Kaua‘i’s northwest shore is one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the Pacific. This 6,175-ACRE STATE PARK is open only to foot traffic, but there’s a way to sidestep this restriction—head to the ocean. A number of outlets can provide access to the famous scenery via the water, including… Continue »

Put On Your Snorkel Gear

Kaua‘i’s warm, crystalline water, its thriving reef system and its mostly sunny skies make it a natural for snorkeling. Because the GARDEN ISLE is the oldest of the inhabited islands, nature has had millions of years to develop its reefs and the hundreds of species of fish—some found nowhere else in the world—that populate them…. Continue »