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Essential KauaiKauai

Kaua‘i is renowned for its hiking trails and backcountry vistas.

To start, WAIMEA CANYON , the 3,000-foot-deep centerpiece of Kōke‘e State Park, is a premier hiking experience. One trail at the canyon ends at an 800-foot waterfall, and while strenuous, the hike will provide visitors with solitude and glimpses of exotic rainforest vegetation.

If wading through a murky upland swamp suits your fancy, try the ALAKA‘I SWAMP TRAIL in Kōke‘e State Park. Plan your trip before you leave, and never hike alone. Be aware that Kaua‘i’s terrain is crumbly, and rain can create treacherous conditions on trails.

For safety tips and the most up-to- date information on Kaua‘i’s trails and conditions, contact the State of Hawai‘i Trail and Access Program at 808-274- 3433, or visit hawaiitrails.hawaii.gov.

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