Beyond the CitySee all 101 Things To Do on Maui!

Put on Your Hiking Boots

Discovering what Maui is all about often means putting on your hiking boots and getting up close and personal with the island’s birds, plants, mud, rocks, trees, streams and waterfalls. HIKE MAUI has been doing exactly this for more than 25 years. The island’s PIONEER ECO-COMPANY is staffed by a team of trained naturalists and… Continue »

Bike Down a Volcano

About the only thing that tops the view from the summit of Maui’s 10,000-FOOT VOLCANO is coasting down its slopes on a bicycle. No, you don’t have to power your way up the mountain for the thrill of coasting down. BICYCLE TOUR companies do the hard work for you, picking you up in the pre-dawn… Continue »

Ride with Aloha

There’s nothing like CRUISING THE OPEN ROAD with the wind whipping through your hair and a full 360-degree view of Maui’s lush landscape before you. Whether you’re looking to rent a scooter for a quick day trip around the island or you’d prefer to spend your entire stay on the back on a Harley, ALOHA… Continue »

Shift Upcountry

Beginning 1,600 feet upslope from Maui’s beaches, a unique province emerges. This is Maui’s UPCOUNTRY, a scattering of picturesque communities blessed by fresh mountain air, cool afternoon mists, sprawling ranch land and delightful boutique farms. Tucked neatly into the slopes of sprawling MT. HALEAKALA, these communities have developed a distinct character of their own. An… Continue »

Taste the Quiet(er) Life on Lana‘i

Hawaiian legends describe LANA‘I as a burning-red island inhabited by bands of cannibalistic, howling demons. Today’s version bears no resemblance. Instead, this sparsely populated visitor destination, with about 3,100 residents, is a LUXURIOUS SANCTUARY developed to satisfy a visitor’s every whim. There are no traffic lights and few distractions, save for those fashioned by nature…. Continue »

Play Pineapple Paniolo

In the misty, wooded uplands of LANA‘I sits the HISTORIC STABLES that once served as ground zero for the pineapple production on Lana‘i. Here, Hawaiian cowboys (or “PANIOLO” in Hawaiian) wrangled horses and kept equipment that cultivated the lion’s share of the sweet, golden fruit that was shipped around the world. Now, you can SADDLE… Continue »

Hunt on Lana‘i

You came to Maui for the beach, but you can’t stop thinking about hunting season back home. Don’t fret or try to blindly spear any fish in sight— instead, head to LANA‘I, where Palawai Outfitters is ready to take you on a tropical excursion of your own. PALAWAI OUTFITTERS, located in a grassy volcanic crater,… Continue »

View Moloka‘i: The Island Money Can’t Buy

Twenty-five miles southeast of O‘ahu—and 8 miles across the Pailolo Channel from Maui—lies an island like no other in the Hawaiian chain. Best described as 100 percent natural, MOLOKA‘I is a glimpse into a simpler time in Hawai‘i. There are no traffic lights, no buildings taller than the palm trees, no shopping malls, no crowds,… Continue »

Ride a Mule to Kalaupapa

MOLOKA‘I is famous for its cliff-hugging MULE RIDES along the world’s highest sea cliffs. The trek follows the KALAUPAPA TRAIL, which descends approximately 1,700 feet to the Kalaupapa Peninsula. The destination, KALAUPAPA NATIONAL PARK, is where, for more than a century, people suffering from leprosy—later called Hansen’s disease—lived and died in isolation. Today, Kalaupapa is… Continue »

See an Army of Palm Trees

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind view once you’ve arrived in MOLOKA‘I, all you need to find is the lovely bunch of coconut trees. Located on the south shore of Moloka‘i, KAPUAIWA COCONUT BEACH PARK boasts a stunning sunset view accented by hundreds of majestic palms. This HISTORIC LANDMARK, one of the largest groves… Continue »