Essential OahuSee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

Go Polynesian

Founded in 1963, and Hawai‘i’s No. 1 attraction since 1977, the Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates the Aloha State’s diverse Polynesian background with award-winning performances and interactive attractions. PCC’s signature attraction is a group of six villages and two exhibits highlighting islands from Fiji to Samoa, where hundreds of Polynesian islanders share their customs and traditions… Continue »

Catch a Show

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a show, no matter if you’re on Broadway or in tropical paradise. Here are a few options if you’re in the mood to do just that. FOUREVER FAB, Waikiki’s stunning THE BEATLES TRIBUTE SHOW, brings a little love and a whole lot of fun to Sheraton Princess… Continue »

Zip O‘ahu

Believe it or not, the island of O‘ahu had no zipline tours before 2014. But that’s all changed in recent years. Fast forward to today, the island now boasts numerous exhilarating, sky-high tours that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping! CLIMB WORKS KEANA FARMS, nestled on the North Shore in Kahuku, was the first… Continue »

Get Involved With Sea Life

Fascinating marine animals await you at the end of a mere half-hour drive out of Waikiki. Follow Kalaniana‘ole Highway east and up the Makapu‘u coastline—one of the most scenic drives on the island—to arrive at SEA LIFE PARK, situated directly across from Makapu‘u Beach and “Rabbit Island.” This East O‘ahu attraction is a place to… Continue »

Spend The Day At Kailua Beach

Picture a powdery-white beach that stretches along the shore, a beach where gentle ocean conditions prevail year-round and obliging trade winds pump steam into windsurfers’ sails. This is KAILUA BEACH, recognized as one of the nation’s top beaches and a consistent favorite among lifeguards, coastal researchers, visitors and locals alike. The reef and typically reliable… Continue »

Head to Hanauma Bay

What does a humuhumunukunukuapua‘a have to do with SNORKELING? Hint: One may very well cross your path out among the reef! If you want to see this long-named creature, which turns out to be Hawai‘i’s brightly striped state fish, visit HANAUMA BAY NATURE PRESERVE, O‘ahu’s most popular snorkeling spot and an underwater park and conservation… Continue »

Explore Kualoa

Take a 4,000-acre working cattle ranch spread from steep mountain cliffs to the sea, add horseback riding, ATV excursions, a jungle expedition and other narrated tours to the mix, and you’ll have the makings of a grand adventure set in a gorgeous surrounding. Located on the northeastern side of O‘ahu (a little less than an… Continue »

Catch a Wave

To early Hawaiians, surfing was more than catching and riding waves—it was a social activity and honored ritual. In ancient Hawai‘i, surfing began with the selection of a tree from which a board would be carved, and progressed to legendary surfing contests for the ali‘i (chiefs). Today’s surfers may not be royalty, but they are… Continue »

Paddle Like a Voyager

When the Hawaiian Islands chain developed from a hotspot on the ocean floor and began bursting through the surface of the Pacific Ocean, it obviously didn’t have any inhabitants. Eventually, Polynesian explorers arrived from faraway lands—and they made this long journey in double-hulled canoes. The POLYNESIAN VOYAGING SOCIETY actually has recreated trips using replicas of… Continue »

Go to a Lu‘au

Loosely translated, a LU‘AU is a big FEAST with a lot of singing, dancing and festivities. Backyard lu‘au have been part of the Hawaiian culture for centuries and are ingrained with the Makahiki festival, a time of great celebration marking the start of the harvest season and New Year in ancient times. Today, commercial lu‘au… Continue »