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There’s little else that says “Hawai‘i” better than a flower LEI — this GARLAND OF FLOWERS that is given upon greeting guests is a fragrant symbol of aloha . Lei can be as simple as a chain- like string of perfumed plumeria, or as intricate as a multi-braided haku lei, composed of flowers, berries and leaves.

Either way, it’s an honor to receive one.

In Hawai‘i, MAY DAY IS LEI DAY , when many kama‘āina (locals) wear lei. Lei displays and even competitions are a part of May Day celebrations. During other days of the year, one can find lei at LEI STANDS, FLORISTS

FARMERS MARKETS, and even at island grocery stores.

Many hotels and resorts offer LEI-MAKING CLASSES, sometimes for free. Ask your concierge if there’s a class nearby.

Another way to see Hawai‘i’s gorgeous blooms is to stop by the PHO TO: GETT Y IMA GES / ANDREI Z UB AREV HEAD TO HANAUMA BAY 23 ES S EN T IA L

CHINATOWN . Here you can find aff ordable lei in an array of different flowers like tuberose, orchid, plumeria, kukui nut and more. You can even buy bags of loose flowers, some thread and a lei needle to string your own lei. Some popular lei shops in Chinatown are LIN’S LEI SHOP


CINDY’S LEI & FLOWER SHOPPE , all on or around Maunakea Street.

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