Food, Fun & After DarkSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Shop Island Fresh Farmers’ Markets

Fresh produce and fish are readily available on the island—if you know where to look. SHOPPING for produce in LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKETS is a lesson both in tropical agriculture and multi-cultural lifestyles. Alongside ripe and green papayas, hands of bananas, sweet pineapples, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, you’ll find a wide range of exotic items. And… Continue »

Buy Kaua‘i-Made Products

Take the guesswork out of buying local products and simply look for a purple-and-green “KAUA‘I MADE” logo— it’s the shopper’s assurance that you’re buying the real thing. In an effort to support local producers and help shoppers find authentic KAUA‘I-MADE PRODUCTS, the county’s Office of Economic Development organized island vendors and retailers under one umbrella… Continue »

Revisit a Classic Musical

Kaua‘i’s version of “SOUTH PACIFIC” is a LIVE DINNER THEATER PRODUCTION at the KAUA‘I BEACH RESORT. The Wednesday-evening performance is staged in the hotel’s main ballroom, where the audience can expect to hear classic hits like “Some Enchanted Evening” and “Bali Hai.” The show is a nod to the original ’50s hit musical that is… Continue »

Strum an ‘Ukulele

Inspired by EDDIE VEDDER‘s ‘Ukulele Songs? Think you could be the next JAKE SHIMABUKURO? Or just want to be able to strum along to songs such as “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by JACK JOHNSON or IZ‘s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?” Check out LOCAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SHOPS throughout the Garden Isle to try strumming this… Continue »

Make a Jewel of a Find

The islands have a tradition and mana (spiritual power) of their own, which visitors get a taste of while watching hula performances, sightseeing on tropical tours and savoring local dishes. Locally inspired and crafted JEWELRY offers a permanent way to transport that experience back home. There are many GALLERIES throughout the island where you will… Continue »

Drink After Dusk

Where do local folks hang when the moon is up and the surf is down? Their favorite neighborhood bars, of course. However, this is an island that shuts down early, so get started before 10 p.m. if you expect to catch a little action. Hot spots on the North Shore include the ST. REGIS PRINCEVILLE,… Continue »

Dine Out

Fine DINING with fresh, island-grown ingredients can be found at restaurants throughout the island. JOSSELIN’S TAPAS BAR & GRILL is fairly new to the Kaua‘i culinary scene; helmed by Jean-Marie Josselin, one of the founders of HAWAI‘I REGIONAL CUISINE (HRC), this restaurant at Kukui‘ula Village Center is causing quite a buzz. HRC cohort Peter Merriman… Continue »

Slurp Shave Ice

The coldest, sweetest treat you can find on Kaua‘i has to be SHAVE ICE. Hawaiian shave ice is a lot finer than the snow cones found on the mainland, and it’s a tradition for Hawai‘i residents. Shave ice is not crushed; instead, it’s shaved from a large ice block that is rotated on a flat… Continue »

Sail Into an Island Night

Sipping a Mai Tai on the ocean at sunset makes for one enchanted evening—all you have to do is book it. Toss in an elegant dinner and colorful rays from the dying sun, and memories are in the making. Several boat companies offer SUNSET DINNER SAILS aboard their CATAMARANS. There is an open bar, a… Continue »

Pamper Yourself

Hawai‘i is a healing place, and not just because of the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore or the warmth of the sun on your back. Hawaiian culture traditionally stressed the importance of healing both body and spirit. From this belief, traditional practices such as LOMILOMI MASSAGE and HAWAIIAN SALT RITUALS originated. Lomilomi… Continue »