Get A Window Seat On A Submarine

MauiSea Adventures

ATLANTIS SUBMARINES off ers travelers a unique undersea adventure tour available nowhere else on Maui: one that is fun, eco-friendly, educational, safe and off ers travelers a close-up view of the island’s beautiful marine world and diverse fi sh population — all without ever getting wet!

Operating state-of-the-art, technologically advanced passenger submarines, Atlantis takes guests to depths of more than 100 feet to view schools of tropical fi sh of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The battery-powered submarine emits no pollutants and silently descends into a natural habitat that is a frenzy of activity.

Highlights include seeing the CARTHAGINIAN , a replica whaling ship and former tourist attraction. Acquired by Atlantis in 2005, Carthaginian now serves as an ARTIFICIAL REEF for Maui’s ocean life. ATLANTIS SUBMARINES 808-667-0471

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