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ATLANTIS SUBMARINES offers travelers a unique undersea adventure tour available nowhere else on Maui: one that is fun, eco-friendly, educational, safe and offers travelers a close-up view of the island’s beautiful marine world and diverse fi sh population — all without ever getting wet!

Operating state-of-the-art, technologically advanced passenger submarines, Atlantis takes guests to depths of more than 100 feet to view schools of tropical fi sh of all shapes, sizes and colors. The battery-powered submarine emits no pollutants and silently descends into a natural habitat that is a frenzy of activity. (In the winter months, guests often see HUMPBACK WHALES during their annual migration to the Hawaiian Islands.)

Travel leagues under the sea to unlock the wonder of Maui’s marine life on a guided educational tour.

Highlights include seeing the CARTHAGINIAN , a replica whaling ship and former tourist attraction. Acquired by Atlantis in 2005, Carthaginian now serves as an ARTIFICIAL REEF for Maui’s ocean life.

The ticket office and tour check-in are located at the Atlantis Shop at Pioneer Inn Hotel in Lahaina.


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