Gear Up for Undersea Exploration

Essential MauiMaui

SNORKELING is an inexpensive pastime that is easier to learn than surfi ng or scuba diving, and can be done either by booking a cruise or fi nding a good spot on a beach. If you go with the pros, like MAUI SNORKEL CHARTERS or SOUTH PACIFIC KAYAKS, expect gear, lunch and other amenities to be provided. Meanwhile, HAWAI‘I OCEAN PROJECT off ers up a Dinner and Snorkel Cruise Combo and even a Lāna‘i Snorkel Tour.

For the more independent type, snorkel gear can be rented or purchased. In either case, all you’ll need is a mask, a snorkel and fi ns.

Gear comes in many sizes and shapes, but a good fi t is key to making the underwater experience an enjoyable one. For help buying or renting gear, try experts like BOSS FROG’S or SNORKEL BOB’S. SNORKELING TIPS: • Never snorkel alone. Go with a buddy. • Never turn your back to the ocean. • Whenever possible, snorkel in the morning. Afternoon winds reduce water clarity. • Marine life tends to congregate around structures, so stick to reefs. • Don’t feed the fi sh. • Even on the cloudiest of days, use waterproof reef-safe sunscreen. • Take a cooler with bottled water, snacks and food. Most beaches don’t have concession stands. • Be respectful of the ocean. Avoid standing on coral, which is the foundation of Hawai‘i’s reef environment. All sea creatures rely on the reef for homes, protection and food. Broken coral takes many years to grow back. Plus, it’s sharp! • Don’t combine snorkeling with alcohol or drugs. • Check ocean conditions at BOSS FROG’S 808-661-3333 HAWAII OCEAN PROJECT 877-500-6284 SNORKEL BOB’S 808-667-9999 HONOKOWAI; 808-875-6188 NORTH KIHEI; 808-879-7449 SOUTH KIHEI; 808-661-4421 LAHAINA; 808-669-9603 NAPILI; 808-874-0011 WAILEA

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