Gear Up for Undersea Exploration

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SNORKELING is an inexpensive pastime that is easier to learn than surfi ng or scuba diving, and can be done either by booking a cruise or fi nding a good spot on a beach. If you go with the pros, like MAUI SNORKEL CHARTERS or SOUTH PACIFIC KAYAKS, expect gear, lunch and other amenities to be provided. Meanwhile, HAWAI‘I OCEAN PROJECT off ers up a Dinner and Snorkel Cruise Combo and even a Lāna‘i Snorkel Tour.

For the more independent type, snorkel gear can be rented or purchased. In either case, all you’ll need is a mask, a snorkel and fi ns.

Gear comes in many sizes and shapes, but a good fi t is key to making the underwater experience an enjoyable one. For help buying or renting gear, try experts like BOSS FROG’S or SNORKEL BOB’S.

• Never snorkel alone. Go with a buddy. • Never turn your back to the ocean. • Whenever possible, snorkel in the morning. Afternoon winds reduce water clarity. • Marine life tends to congregate around structures, so stick to reefs. • Don’t feed the fi sh. • Even on the cloudiest of days, use waterproof reef-safe sunscreen. • Be respectful of the ocean. Avoid standing on coral, which is the foundation of Hawai‘i’s reef environment. • Check ocean conditions at BOSS FROG’S 808-661-3333 HAWAI‘I OCEAN PROJECT 877-500-6284 SNORKEL BOB’S 808-667-9999 HONO¯KOWAI; 808-875-6188 NORTH KI¯HEI; 808-879-7449 SOUTH KI¯HEI; 808-661-4421 LAHAINA; 808-669-9603 NA¯PILI; 808-874-0011 WAILEA

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