Paddle Like a Voyager

OahuSea Adventures


When the Hawaiian Island chain developed from a hot spot on the ocean floor and began bursting through the surface of the Pacific Ocean, it obviously didn’t have any inhabitants. Eventually, Polynesian explorers arrived from faraway lands-and they made this long journey in double-hulled canoes.

catch a wave on their way back to shore, watch out-they’re traveling so fast, they don’t have time to move around you.

Waikiki Beach is the only place in O‘ahu where you can take part in outrigger canoe surfing. Adventurers can experience the original Hawaiian rollercoaster ride with WAIKIKI BEACH SERVICES, offering the thrill of surfing a wave on an outrigger canoe.

There are also several companies that off er outrigger canoe outings, such as STAR BEACHBOYS and ALOHA BEACH SERVICES , both located on Waikiki Beach. Both off er two- wave rides and Aloha Beach Services offers hourlong group excursions with a canoe and two captains. Star Beachboys is located at 2450 Koa Ave., and Aloha Beach Services can be found on Waikiki Beach by the Moana Surfrider hotel.