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The country’s largest abalone aquaculture farm is located right here in Hawai‘i. BIG ISLAND ABALONE produces premium abalone that’s ethically raised, naturally clean and so delicious that it’s featured on the menus of prestigious restaurants around the country.

The aquafarm thrives in large part due to its Kona location, where more sunlight is received than any other coastal location in the U.S., and its access to nutrient-rich seawater, which is pumped in from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Guided tours are held Monday through Saturday at the farm, where participants learn about the history PHO TO: HA W AI‘I T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A) / JOHN HOOK | L OCA TION: K OHAL A C OAS T GOLF FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA LA N D

on experience of this shellfish delicacy.

Located minutes away is KONA BARBEQUE , which offers patrons a unique grilling experience that includes freshly harvested abalone sourced from the nearby farm.

Big Island Abalone is located at 73-357 Makako Bay Drive in Kailua-Kona. Tour reservations are required. BIG ISLAND ABALONE 808-334-0034 // BIGISLANDABALONE.COM

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