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When Mother Nature set out to design Hawai‘i Island, she came up with 10 DISTINCT CLIMATE ZONES , ranging from tundra to tropical forest, and she saved the best for the KONA COAST . In the summer, less than an inch of rain falls a month; in the winter, that changes only marginally to 1-3 inches a month. The waters off the coast are typically calm, creating a perfect setting for boating activities.

KONA BOAT RENTALS ( has devised a great way to explore the coastal waters on your own. The company rents easy-to-operate, environmentally friendly U-DRIVE BOATS that accomodate up to six adults, with room to spare. PHO TO: HA W AI‘I T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A) / HEA THER GOODMAN | L OCA TION: KEAL AKEK UA B AY GO SEA BREEZE SAILING 30 101 things to do |

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