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One of the best ways to fully experience the fabled attributes of sailing the KONA COAST is to BOOK A TOUR ON A CATAMARAN OR SAILBOAT. It is a fine place to sail, protected as it is from the blustery east-northeast trade winds by the volcanic mountain slopes. The mountains create a wind shadow — or lee, along the west side of the island — that provides sailboats and fishing boats with protected, smooth-surface conditions. The heating of the landmass by the sun causes warm air to rise, pulling the “ KONA BREEZE ” off the ocean, and providing gentle winds.

There isn’t much “white-knuckle” sailing along the Kona Coast, nor do you have to be an accomplished swimmer or diver to enjoy the trip. And if you’d rather pilot your own craft, some companies rent SMALL SAILBOATS AND PONTOON BOATS for sightseeing, fishing and snorkeling.

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