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Learn to Snuba

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You’ve seen the photographs and films of colorful reef fish undulating in the warm, deep-blue ocean currents, and now you want to experience the sensation of meandering alongside them. But diving with heavy tanks seems a bit much, and snorkeling only scratches the surface.

There is a compromise. SNUBA, invented in 1988, is a dive experience that combines the best of both scuba and snorkeling. It allows participants to go deeper than snorkeling by using a SHALLOW-WATER DIVE SYSTEM that makes it possible to dive as deep as 20 feet below the surface for up to 30 minutes without wearing heavy air tanks. Divers wear masks, fins and weight belts. What sets snuba apart is the mouthpiece (or regulator) attached to a hose that extends to the surface, where air tanks float in a raft.

Children as young as 8 years old can snuba, as long as they are comfortable in the water. PHO TO: GL OB ALMOMENT S, GETT Y IMA GES LAND A WINNER Cherry Pit Sportfishing

32’ Force. Roomy and comfortable with no gas or diesel fumes. Shaded cabin, enclosed toilet, latest electronics.

Large cockpit. All equipment supplied. USCG licensed. Owner operated.

29 S EA

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