The LARGEST ORGANIC COFFEE FARM in the United States is located 3,200 feet above sea level in a mist-cooled rainforest about 7 miles from Kailua-Kona. Here, Trent Bateman, a mainland transplant who left a career in engineering to come to Hawai‘i, is growing AWARD-WINNING KONA COFFEE on his farm, and breaking all the rules.

For starters, the property he purchased didn’t fit the mold—it was too high above sea level. Then, he decided to grow ORGANIC COFFEE. He and his family hand-tilled the soil and then purchased some Chinese geese, St. Croix sheep and Kona Nightingale donkeys to handle weed control and provide organic fertilizer. Today, both Hawai‘i and California regulatory agencies have certified MOUNTAIN THUNDER COFFEE PLANTATION organic. Call for tour times and other interesting coffee activities at Mountain Thunder.

HONLUALOA KONA COFFEE COMPANY is another 100-PERCENT ORGANIC KONA BLEND: handpicked and sun-dried for optimum flavor and taste. Learn more about the company, coffee and plantation at

HONLUALOA KONA COFFEE COMPANY (808) 322-9937 OR (800) 334-0348
MOUNTAIN THUNDER COFFEE PLANTATION (808) 325-2136 OR (888) 414-KONA (5662)

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