Bikers: Saddle Up, Ride ‘Em Out

Beyond the CityBig Island

Just because you’re on the seat of a Harley doesn’t mean you’re ready to go everywhere. Even the most-seasoned BIKERS need to plan their Hawai‘i Island trips carefully.

Think of the island as circular in shape with a few zig-zagging connector roads. There are TWO KEY HIGHWAYS (11 and 19), while SADDLE ROAD (Highway 200) provides the shortest route from Kailua-Kona to Hilo.

Hawai‘i Island offers great DAY TRIPS. You’ll find the roadways well marked and signage easy to follow.

KILAUEA VOLCANO is a must-see and a unique drive, one where you can see snow on MAUNA KEA and experience 90-degree temperatures on the CHAIN OF CRATERS road all on the same day!

PARKER RANCH is a great step back in time and a nice cruise up the coast. ALI‘I DRIVE in Kailua-Kona is the best place to cruise at night.

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