Hook a Whopper

KauaiSea Adventures

BIG-GAME FISH call Hawai‘i home, so the chances of hooking a whopper on a FISHING CHARTER out on Kaua‘i waters are good.

But even if you don’t snag one of the big guys on your chartered trip, expect to dine on fresh-caught fi sh at the end of the day.

If you’re a novice, don’t worry — some fi shing companies teach even the most inexperienced how to catch local favorites, such as marlin, mahi mahi , yellowfi n tuna ( ‘ahi ) or wahoo ( ono ). When you book your charter, it might be a good idea to specify what type of fi shing you’re interested in. Fishing styles vary depending on target fi sh and


plentiful in the summer.

Some boats are exclusively tag- and-release. Be sure to ask the captain beforehand what you can expect to catch and how much of the catch you can take home. Some charters offer taxidermy mounting services, and will ship your catch directly to your home.

Most fishing boats operate out of NAWILIWILI HARBOR . Charters run four to eight hours, and most companies provide the option of private charters or sharing trips with other anglers. ISLAND FISHING 808-823-0515 | ISLANDFISHING.COM SPORTFISHING KAUA‘I /BLUE DOLPHIN CHARTERS 808-335-5553 | BLUEDOLPHINKAUAI.COM