Drive to Hana

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Life is a journey, not a destination, and the same could be said of the ROAD TO HĀNA . With zigs and zags that travel across 56 ONE-LANE BRIDGES and snake around more than 617 HAIRPIN CURVES , this SCENIC DRIVE truly is a heart- pumping adventure that’ll leave you breathless with anticipation for what lays around the next turn.

But in order to appreciate the natural beauty of all you’ll encounter along the way, it’s best to take things nice and slow.

• Don’t be in a hurry, or you’ll miss the panoramic beauty that distracts and delights from both sides of the road. • Don’t expect a splashy town once arriving in sleepy Hāna. It’s a quaint town with a general store, gas station and post offi ce. • Get an early start. Pā‘ia is a good place to fi ll your gas tank and stock up on soft drinks and snacks. • The road to Hāna is certainly a photo opportunity: waterfalls, a tropical jungle, checkerboard fi elds of green taro patches, black lava rocks rimmed with white foam cast against towering cliff s in an ocean of the bluest blue. Even at a vexing 15 mph, this is a drive that overwhelms the senses, tempting one to just pull off the highway and stare. POLYNESIAN ADVENTURE TOURS 888-206-4531

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